Sizing Guide

In order to determine your best fit, please refer to our sizing chart. For quick sizing, you can just verify your usual "US Size" against our size chart to determine our recommended "Euro Size". For a more accurate fit, kindly refer to our step-by-step feet measuring sizing guide underneath.


Step-by-Step Feet Measurement Guide.

You will need:
a) Blank piece of paper (at least A4 size)

b) Marker or pen.
c) Ruler or measuring tape.

Step 1:
Place master foot firmly on the center of the paper, allowing enough space to trace around the edge. If you are right-handed, it is advisable to measure your right foot. If you are left-handed, measuring the left foot will give more accurate results.

Trace around the edge of the foot with the marker or pen. Take extra care to keep as close as possible to the edge of the foot for an accurate measurement. Go all the way around the foot.

You should end up with an outline similar to this.

Step 2:
Using the ruler or measuring tape, find the longest measurement from the edge of the heel to the edge of the furthest toe. Depending on the shape of the foot, this is usually measured from either the large or the second toe.

Record down the "length of the foot" in centimeters (cm).

In this example, the "length of the foot" is determined at 28.2cm.

Step 3:
To determine your closest size, refer to our sizing chart above. A foot measurement of 28.2cm means that the recommended size would be"Euro 46".

Lastly, do not worry too much about sizing. If the shoes do not fit as well as you had hoped, email us at to arrange for an exchange. We are committed in assisting you to get that pair of shoes that will fit you well.