The Scofield Sterile

The Scofield Sterile
Upper made from Full Grain Pull Up Leather in "OxBlood".
Informed consumers know that not all leathers are made equal. Full grain leathers are more durable, unlike reconstituted varieties of misleading leathers labelled "genuine leather". Only higher grade hide/skin is used to produce our full grain leathers, to ensure the quality leather look and feel. On top of that, the pull up treatment on this pair ensures the leather is well oiled, and helps the leather age minimally over time.
Inner Lining made from Natural  Lamb Skin in "Yellow".
Other synthetic materials like polyester, acrylic, and elastane eventually disintegrate over time. Lamb skin costs us more to manufacture, but is more durable and lasting. We do not cut corners, so that our consumers can experience the comfort and luxury of soft and breathable lambskin.

Eva Soles.
Grippy, flexible, and lightweight EVA soles for comfort.

Work boots, hand crafted from full grain "OxBlood" leather.
Probably the neatest pair of work boots you will ever own.

Please refer to our sizing guide to determine which of our sizes would fit you best.

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